A committed team

Because the value of Laboratoires SICOBEL is measured first and foremost by the value of each of our contributing associates, our primary expertise is collaborative management.

We are smarter together than alone

A quote that counts on all levels at Sicobel. The organization is built around the company 4 key-processes, limiting compartmentalisation and encouraging teams to work together.

 « Design and Market », « Manufacture », « Sell », « Serve the client » are our value-creating processes.

This organization favors collective thinking, communication, and fair decision-making.


The doer knows best

Hierarchical levels are reduced which clarifies communication, as close as possible to the field and knowledge. We stimulate taking empowerment and autonomy.

This managerial culture promotes respect, trust, and the pleasure of working in a strong team, goes beyond Sicobel’s walls. It is the keystone of our relationships with our customers and partners.

Close to the field

At Sicobel, we make every effort to develop a strong, mutually satisfying collaboration with our customers – pharmacists, drugstores, beauty institutes or international distributors – and also with our partners who supply the brands we distributed.

Listening, exchange and respect for strong human values are our driving forces.

Our business vision: a win-win partnership for both parties and for our planet!