Our values

Our values are the foundation on which we build a project that unites as many people as possible: employees, customers, partners and consumers.



Build to last

At Sicobel, excellence and continuous improvement are our daily motors to ensure the quality of our products and the safety of our consumers. Our high standards are also reflected in our choice of actions to respect the world around us while offering our consumers a fair price, in line with their purchasing power.


After several years spent in the marketing team, I chose to change path toward quality. Faithful to our human values, Sicobel supported me in this reorientation, and I got the chance to join the quality, safety, environment department after a year going back to school. Today I am very proud to contribute to the evolution of the company’s performance. My driving force? the quality is everyone’s business, and especially mine!

Caroline Topalian

Quality and safety manager

I appreciate how the departments listen and communicate with each other which guarantees the quality of our developments. I also appreciate our commitment on subjects such as the respect of men and the environment. I like my formulator position, thanks to which I can take on new challenges and innovate each day. I also like the consumers’ feedbacks which mark a concrete result of our work.

Maëlle Perrette

R&D Formulator


Sicobel is committed alongside their customers and consumers to offer a portfolio of organic/natural brands that have a lower ecological impact and are accessible to as many people as possible. We aadvocate a frank and sincere approach.

No greenwashing and actions rather than words. We prefer a greener economy to ensure the future of next generations through the deployment of a CSR policy based on strong commitments: to develop the human potential of our partners, to encourage our stakeholders to develop and buy eco-designed offers, to integrate the CSR in our governance and ensure fair and ethical behavior.

Since my arrival at Sicobel, I found an environment of listening, empowerment and autonomy which motivates and make partners evolve quickly. Today it’s important for me to challenge my teams in an atmosphere where trust and exchange works together in order to federate them around common missions: to guarantee the quality of the service, and to always target the customer’s satisfaction.

Thibaut Di Maria

Logistics team referent

After several years in Laboratoires Sicobel, I am fulfilment satisfy in the marketing department as Project leader. I appreciate the versatility of my missions and I take to heart researching and proposing eco-responsible solutions which respond to our society’ values.

Lisa El Batal

Brand manager

Company in motion

Our size and our organization enable an agility which makes the difference on markets that are by nature very evolving. In order to catch the trends and to get on it quickly, we favor short decision paths, reactivity and collective organization. Each Sicobel partner is empowered for simple, efficient, decision-making, as close as possible to field knowledge. This enables us to ensure a flexibility, a business source for our customers and distributers, all as we keep a strategic, operational and human continuity.

I have worked at Laboratoires Sicobel for 15 years, what I love about this company is that its continuously moving! Therefore, I have to be reactive, to be dynamic, to show adaptability and benevolence, all essential quality in team and for our customers. At Sicobel, every day is a new adventure, new collabs, new trade, new challenges…Here, routine doesn’t exist! 

Christel Serra

Sales administration officer

I joined Laboratoires Sicobel for an apprenticeship in 2003. Trust was placed in me, and I evolved and grew with Sicobel to be responsible for packaging today. Sicobel’s and my department’ strength is innovation, flexibility, reactivity; being on the move constantly! 

Bertrand Bossi

Packaging Manager, for 14 years, started as an apprentice

Relationship quality

At Sicobel, we put the collective first… because we’re smarter together … We work each day to build trust and solidarity conditions for our employees but also our customers.

At Sicobel, I understood right away that the Human was at the heart of the company’s concerns. Knowing how to listen, to speak, to challenge yourself are all values cultivated daily. Each day, I take pleasure in visiting my customers or to go acquire new ones!

Guillaume Lancien

Pharmaceutical representative Bretagne

Commitment and passion are my fuels. There’s no better feeling for me than to be able to use all my knowledge to see a customer leave satisfied and, more importantly, to see her come back after! I am proud to be a part of Sicobel as brands ambassador, and that for more than 15 years.

Claudette Sambrenon

Animator/trainer pharma Paris

At Sicobel, our work is branded by team spirit. We created pleasant working conditions in the packaging team, thanks to an atmosphere where trust, listening and solidarity reigns between us. And it is with that mindset and constant desire to give to my lab and to our customers that motivates me.

Aurélie Le Goffe

Packaging referent