At the origin, a conviction: to support natural, organic and low ecological impact brands that are accessible to the greatest number. This is the guideline that has always guided us in building a portfolio of exclusive and differentiating brands.


The sea energy for Beauty Institutes and Spas

The adventure starts with the sea and the THALAC brand. First brand to join our Labs, THALAC was born on the shores of the Mediterranean.

It takes its riches in sea actives and proposes cares recognized for their efficiency and naturality to Beauty Institutes and Spas.

BcomBIO et Placentor Végétal

The best of the plants and organic for pharmacies and drugstores

Developped in Lyon by committed pharmacists, these brands are pioneers!

BcomBio is the first organic cosmetics brand, launched in 2003 exclusively in pharmacies and drugstores.

Placentor Végétal was born from the discovery of a doctor from Lyon, in 1959, of the regenerating and healing virtues of placenta. It is in its vegetal version, discovered in 1990, that Placentor Végétal has been a great success in pharmacies

Distributed brands carefully selected

for the pharmacy and drugstores circuit

Boosted by a dedicated sales force, more than 30 brands selected according to criteria of naturality, organic certification and lower ecological impact are offered exclusively to pharmacies and drugstores and distributed by our labs on French territory.