Our ethical

Careful to be respectful of affairs’ ethic, Laboratoires SICOBEL are concretely committing.

The Fair Trade

For raw material that cannot be sourced in France, Laboratoires SICOBEL multiplies partnerships with providers certified by Fair for Life. Because being fair should be without barriers, Fair Life developed programs certifying fair trade, responsible sectors, and Social Responsibility

Therefore, the BcomBio Argan oil is directly made by the Berber women of the Tazghlilite Village, in the southwest of Morocco.

Our partner manufacturer is committed to the sustainability of local economy by creating lasting and fair jobs for women of the region.

The Aloe Vera, used in the Pur Aloé range of our partner Ciel d’Azur is cultivated inCampeche in South Mexico.

The manufacturer is involved in the respect of populations and cultures, which reflects a strong commitment at the local level, in terms of responsibility and ethics. 

Thus, the minimum wage is 15% higher than the minimum wage imposed by the Mexican law and employees receive bonuses as well as food coupons.

The ethical commitment

Laboratoires SICOBEL is committed through their ethics charter to respecting ethic rules in business (no inappropriate behavior, respect for confidentiality, objectivity, and transparency), to banning corruption, and to avoiding all situations of conflict of interest.

Moreover, Sicobel is committed to being exemplary in terms of product regulations and in the information communicated to clients. We refrain from any green washing: no communication on social networks disconnected from our reality.

The respect of Peoples’ right 

At Sicobel, we care about respecting people’s rights and fundamental freedoms defined by the United Nations. This charter aims at preventing Human Rights violations which could affect our collaborators, partners or our other third parties. It defines our commitments

* Because listening and transparency are essential, Laboratoires SICOBEL are also displaying for you an alert platform accessible for all. To report events that do not comply with our internal policy clic here

Exemplarity on product regulations and customer information

Our team dedicated to Regulatory Affairs, which is hierarchically independent of the General Management, monitors the compliance of all our products and services. Thanks to an active monitoring, we can anticipate regulatory evolutions to ensure the safety of our consumers as well as the accuracy of our information.

We bring particular care to our communication, and we take to heart holding a sincere and honest speech to our customers and final consumers. At Sicobel, no green washing, but commitments on the continuous improvement linked to our CSR policy.

A selection of committed partners

In order to propose to our pharmacies and drugstores customers a portfolio of brands fitting with our values, the selection of distributed brands is based on our partners’ commitment through their CSR policy.

Ciel d’Azur Labs (Pur Aloé, Denticlay), Ladrôme, Secrets des Fées, Möllers, the soap factory Berthe Guilhem (to mention some of them) all share a strong societal commitment, for example through “1% for the planet”, “certification slow cosmetics” ou “MSC / Sustainable fishing”, certified partnerships “Fair for Life” …