Green Tribu

The mission of Green Tribu? To offer the whole family ecological products that are good for the skin and committed to the planet!

Less but better!

Green Tribu meets the needs of the whole family by offering organic skincare products with ultra clean compositions, designed to minimize their impact on the environment. Less products in the bathroom and less plastic packaging for a more ecological and ethical consumption! Green Tribu is aiming at children and adults alike. It offers products to be used from birth and that are compatible during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Green Tribu is also a range of ecological nappies, the safest possible, without controversial substances and made in France, in Vosges region.

The products

Soothing family balm

Shampoo for shiny hair

Caress deodorant

Ecological nappies

The +


Green Tribu favors responsible ingredients by sourcing, whenever possible, ingredients that are upcycled, from fair trade or from French origin.


By offering solid and economical products and formulas suitable for the whole family, Green Tribu promotes responsible consumption by reducing plastic and the number of products in the bathroom!


Green Tribu is committed not to use controversial raw materials, both in its range of cosmetics and its ecological nappies. The ingredients are all rigorously selected, because transparency and sincerity are the key elements for a better consumption.


Green Tribu is part of a global eco-responsible approach by offering products that are good for the skin and committed to the planet. In addition to being manufactured in France, Green Tribu products are labeled organic, vegan and packaged in recyclable and biosourced bottles or in paper packaging from eco-managed forests, printed with vegetable inks. The ecological nappies are made only of natural biosourced materials in contact with baby’s skin and have a 100% natural cellulose, guaranteed not bleached with chlorine and from trees of eco-managed forests (FSC certified).

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