Dolpic is a heating balm for muscles and articulations with natural extracts of red pepper: the capsaicin.

Heating balm dedicated to the wellbeing of athletes

The Dolpic heating balm with extracts of capsaicin prepares and relieves before a muscular effort thanks to its heating and calming action.

The capsaicin is a natural product extracted from red pepper. It causes a heat sensation on the the skin, one that is looked for by sportspersons to optimize the muscular preparation and limit the cold’s effects. This pepper extract is also incorporated in local articular creams for its pain relief capacity, thanks to the analgesic effect.

The product


Warming muscle balm with capsaicin
Available in 2 sizes: 100 and 200ml

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Alliée des sportifs

Dolpic is the ideal relaxing balm to support sportspersons in their preparation for physical training. It is applied before sports events and competitions to activate blood microcirculation, This product has an analgesic power which reduces muscular and articular pains.

Unique scent

The Dolpic balm stands out with its characteristic and addictive scent: a combination of sweet and acrid, reminiscent of camphor.

Ancestral benefits

The capsaicin is a natural product extracted from the red pepper called « Capsicum Frutescens », known for millennials and used by South American Indians.

Very popular on the spices shelf for its spicy flavor, the capsaicin is also appreciated in soft medicine and manual therapy for its benefits on articular and muscular pains.