Möller’s® the expert of omega-3 marines since 1864.

Replenish your supply of essential omega-3s and vitamin D!

Gone is the fishy taste that generations of schoolchildren have grown up with! Möller’s has revisited the authentic cod liver oil to seduce the whole family. Naturally rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, Möller’s cod liver oil supports the proper functioning of the heart, eyesight, and brain*.

Its high content of vitamin D allows the fixation of calcium on the bones and the proper functioning of the immune system**.

*The DHA contributes to the brain’s proper functioning and to a normal eyesight. The beneficial effect is obtained by a daily consumption of 250mg of DHA. The EPA and DHA contribute to a normal cardiac function. **Vitamin D contributes to the proper working of the immune system and the maintenance of a normal bone structure.

The products

Cod Liver Oil
No flavouring

Cod Liver Oil
Natural lemon flavouring

Omega-3 Double
Box of 60 capsules

Jellies x36
Strawberry taste

Les plus

1st prize at the TOP SANTE 2021 (Famous Health French magazine) competition:

Möller Cod liver oil’s natural lemon aroma, in the category boost immune defenses.

Clean and sustainable

Responsible and sustainable fishing, MSC® certified. Cleanliness standards going further than the official recommendations of the EU.