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Seen in the press...

« Wash your hair organically,
with shea and chicory to make hair easier to style. Plus an Ecocert-certified and therefore natural formula. Gentle Plant Shampoo, €6.40, BcomBIO»
January 2007

Côté Santé
« It stimulates nail growth with myrrh essential oil, protecting and nourishing the skin without making it feeling greasy – a great organic formula. Essentielle Hand and Nail Cream, BcomBIO, €5.60 for 50ml. »
February 2007

Votre beauté
« Purifying camomile water and conditioning chicory for impeccable hair. Gentle Plant Shampoo, €6.40, BcomBIO. »
February 2007

« Fresh-feel cream. For combination skins. Combines intense moisturizing properties with lightness and a matt finish. Moisturizing Fluid, Placentor Végétal, €12.50. »
July-August 2006

« Velvet-smooth hands. This option with myrrh and hazelnut oil promises you softer skin and stronger, longer nails. Essentielle Hand and Nail Cream, BcomBIO, €5.50. »
July-August 2006

« Get rid of spots!
Certainly you can try and cover things up, but it's far better to look after your skin, moisturize it properly and if you do have a few acne-type problems (which is quite normal at your age!) apply a green clay face mask once or twice a week to absorb impurities. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes to take effect, and then rinse off with warm water. Perfect!
Placentor Végétal, purifying mask for acne-prone skin, 150-ml tube, €16. Available from chemists and drugstores. Sales outlets: +33 (0)478 488 376 »
November-December 2006

36 minutes a week are all you need to show off perfect nails. One minute every evening to coat your hands in cream, massaging the base of the nail to push back your cuticles (Essentielle, BcomBIO, €6, from chemists).»
September 2006

Télé 7 jours « NATURAL SICOBEL
The sun and repeated exposure to seawater have a damaging effect on your skin and hair. You need to repair and nourish both, so wait no more – choose BcomBIO's Satin Oil. It will protect your skin and help to prevent ageing.This 100% plant-based oil is certified ecological by Ecocert and is guaranteed to contain no parabens, colour, artificial fragrances or GMOs. It will make the ideal partner.
BcomBIO Satin Oil. Available from chemist's, drugstores and organic stores.
Tel.: +33 (0)478 488 376 or go to »
July 2006

Marie Claire
 The triple shaping action of this paraben-free body-shaping gel, which contains a high concentration of active plant-derived ingredients, helps to boost the results of dieting. Firstly, the synergistic effect of Guarana and Garcinia Cambogia helps to eliminate fats and prevent their formation. Secondly, its rich Ivy, Fucus, Golden Camomile and Meadowsweet content helps to drain excess water, and lastly, the Horsetail firms the skin. Results: the body is reshaped and the skin becomes smoother. The very fresh-feeling and easily absorbed gel texture of this product combined with its floral fragrance make applying it a moment of sheer pleasure. »
June 2006

20 ans
«A spray that moisturizes, perfumes and brightens up your hair and face in one go, Floral Mist, BcomBIO, €11 for 200 ml. »
June 2006

A firming body cream with ginger and shea butter. Here's to you, Planet Earth! BcomBIO Essentielle cream
June 2006

Une femme en ville
99.3% of the ingredients in this mild foaming gel for feminine hygiene use, which is certified as a "Cosmétique bio écologique" (organic and ecological cosmetic product), are of natural origin. It contains no soap or parabens and is formulated to respect the natural pH of the mucous membrane and help maintain its balance. Intime, €6.50, BcomBIO »
June 2006

«BcomBIO stands for organic cosmetics!
BcomBIO, a Laboratoire Sicobel brand certified by Ecocert and pioneer in the organic cosmetics sector, offers two complementary age-defying products to help effectively combat the effects of time. Derm’Intense, a food supplement containing rosemary, acerola, wild rose, green tea, lemon peel and selenium, works deep down to give you a glowing complexion and soft, supple skin (€19.50 for a box of 60 tablets), while the Intense Anti-Wrinkle cream, optimizes the results obtained (50-ml airless applicator bottle: €19.50)… An amazing double-act that works from both inside and out!»
May 2006

Femme Actuelle
« Highly effective pads containing an active cocktail of ingredients to give you a well-rested look. The Golden Camomile helps to prevent water retention and reduce puffiness around the eye. The other active ingredients in the cocktail stimulate the lymphatic circulation, have a toning effect on the veins and reduce water retention under the eyes. Placentor Végétal Anti-Pouch Pads, Laboratoire Sicobel, €19. »
March 2006

« An organic hand cream
Laboratoire Sicobel specializes in natural and organic face and body care products. Its idea was to provide a comprehensive organic product to care not only for hands, but for nails as well; a more complicated task than for a conventional cosmetic product. Hand creams must be absorbed immediately by the skin without leaving a greasy film. Once submitted for validation by the Ecocert certifying body, the organic cosmetic product, whose formula is revised over and over again until perfection is achieved, becomes a real gift.
Essentielle hand and nail cream, BcomBIO, €5.50. »
March 2006

«High performance skin care! The Placentor Végétal Regenerating Moisturising face cream, for use day and night, softens and hydrates dry and sensitive skin. Rich in plant glycerin, calendula extract and palm oil, it has been formulated to effectively maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance. It can be used as a reparative treatment for scars and burns and provides soothing and moisturising care after exposure to the sun, after shaving and after hair removal…A must have from laboratoires Sicobel!”
November 2005.

«Floral Mist from the b com bio range is the new beauty treatment you should adopt immediately. This special face and hair care product, developed by Laboratoire Sicobel, has a lovely scent of roman camomile and is 100% natural”.
21 March 2005

«Are eco-friendly cosmetics becoming more glamorous?
True. Growing consumer interest for «green” formulations has led to a new wave of chic organic beauty products. Among the newcomers in this market, we recommend…bcombio… But are we faced with too much choice?

False. Since 2002, eco-friendly products have been at consumer’s fingertips, all you have to do is look for the eco-logos, since there are a number of companies sharing the market of brands retailed in France. Among these companies are the true leaders like Laboratoire Sicobel with their bcombio range.»
November 2005

Marie France
«After a night of partying! 
An ideal investment for night-owls: Placentor Végétal anti-wrinkle eye pads»
December 2005.

Femme Actuelle
«Reduce facial and neck wrinkles:
Placentor Végétal Anti-Wrinkle Mask
Active ingredients: Pure sea collagen provides deep moisturising, plant placenta stimulates cell renewal and golden camomile has anti-radical virtues.
Promise: Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced and features smoothed out, leaving a clearer complexion. 
Application time: 20 minutes.
Frequency: 1 mask per week over a period of three weeks»
September 2005

«Well-being slimming concentrate from the Placentor Végétal range is a highly concentrated slimming body gel, rich in plant extracts that enhances the results of a calorie-controlled diet. The gel should be applied in circular movements on cellulite-prone areas as a daily intensive treatment or as a long-term treatment all year round.  For optimum effectiveness, this product can be used in conjunction with the Placentor Végétal Exfoliating Body Cream»
May 2005

«B com bio from Laboratoire Sicobel is a new cosmetic line containing natural and organic plants, 100% natural scents and formulas with no artificial colorants.»
February 2005.

Version Femina
«A home anti-wrinkle mask, worthy of a beauty institute!
Packed with natural active ingredients carefully selected for their effectiveness, the Placentor Végétal Anti-Wrinkle Mask has 3 high-performance virtues: anti-wrinkle, redensifying and deep moisturising thanks to the unique combination of pure sea collagen, plant placenta and golden camomile (exclusive Sicobel patent). This extremely comfortable face and neck massaging mask prevents and smoothes out wrinkles and fine lines by restructuring the skin. Deeply moisturised, the general appearance of the skin is visibly smoother and more radiant after the first application!»
October 2005

«How Chic, a week-end in the country!
Planning a weekend break surrounded by nature? So be it. But you can look your best whilst remaining ecologically sound. Stay true to nature with a completely natural and organic product, packed with ingredients that are only beneficial to the health of your skin…A refreshing Camomile water mist:  Bcombio Face and Hair Floral Mist»
July 2005

«For the hair and face, for use both morning and night, this lotion, containing roman camomile and fern extract, provides all kinds of benefits: B com bio Floral Spray, from Laboratoire Sicobel».
April 2005

«Creams that provide an instant massage!
Placentor Végétal Well Being Slimming Concentrate: 21% active plant ingredients. This is what the gel contains. This is unparalleled by other slimming gels on the market! Of course, this explains why it’s so effective. Without doubt, this has to be one of this year’s best products that retails at an affordable price»
May 2005

«Placentor Végétal Well Being Slimming Concentrate: 21% active plant ingredients. This is what the gel contains. This is unparalleled by other slimming gels on the market! Of course this is why it’s so effective. Without doubt, this has to be one of this year’s best products that retails at an affordable price.»
9-15 May 2005

«The commitment of certain brands in terms of their respect for the environment and in turn, human and animal life, should be applauded. Laboratoire Sicobel has introduced b com bio, a range of certified organic cosmetic products (issued by the independent certification body Ecocert) formulated under strict guidelines. The brand also adheres to the One Voice charter by undertaking not to test their products on animals (they are tested in vitro on informed and consenting humans). Available at chemists and parapharmacies»
May 2005

«Ultra concentrated in active plant ingredients, Well Being Slimming Concentrate has a triple action as it drains the body of toxins, refirms the tissues and blocks the fat storage process. Day after day, cellulite is reduced and the skin becomes firmer and softer. Its unctuous texture makes it easy to apply and leaves the skin moisturised without feeling sticky»
March 2005

«There is also a newcomer from laboratoire Sicobel, the Well Being Slimming Concentrate. This slimming gel has been formulated to drain the body of toxins, to fight cellulite and prevent it from coming back. Its formula has been especially designed to penetrate the skin quickly»
March 2005

«A combination of organic roman camomile and lavender floral waters, the B com bio Cleansing Makeup Remover cleans and softens the skin, ready to take full advantage of the benefits of the skin care creams in the range»
Spring 2005

«“Need to eradicate dry and leathery skin?
Placentor Végétal Ultra Moisturising Regenerating Cream»
May 2005

«If your skin is sensitive to reddening and the area around your nose and cheekbones has a tendency towards unsightly red veins, then try ARUBIX! There are different creams available to suit each skin type, offering the virtues of golden camomile and plant oils to diffuse redness and visible small blood vessels»
April 2005

«Your home anti-wrinkle care worthy of a beauty institute!
If there is one product you should go out and buy immediately, no questions asked, it would be the Placentor Végétal Anti-Wrinkle Mask. A gem in skin care products, worthy of the best beauty institutes, for use at home, that provides a dramatic anti-wrinkle refirming and redensifying action»
April 2005

«Floral Mist from the b com bio range is a new beauty treatment you should adopt immediately. This special face and hair care product has a lovely scent of Roman Camomile and is 100% natural. Full of active plant ingredients, this spray provides softness, shine and radiance»
February 2005

«ARUBIX anti-redness: Laboratoire Sicobel is now offering a new formulation of the Arubix cream. Enriched in golden camomile (…), the product range now has three new creams for skins with red and blotchy tendencies: ARUBIX M, a new formulation for combination skin - ARUBIX S, with more moisturising agents for dry skin - ARUBIX SPF 80, for optimum sun protection».
22 March 2005

«Laboratoire Sicobel, experts in anti-redness skin care, has introduced a new formulation and has broadened its ARUBIX product range. Golden camomile (Chrysanthellum Indicum) has been added to the new formulation together with a plant-based complex. The range consists of three creams for skins with red and blotchy tendencies: ARUBIX M for combination skin, ARUBIX S for dry skin and ARUBIX SPF 80 for optimum sun protection and care»
4 April 2005

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