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The Benefits of Placenta of Plant Origin
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The Benefits of Plant Placenta
Found at the very heart of young plants and more precisely under the pistil , plant placenta plays the role of a nourishing liquid, feeding the fruit during its growth through a veritable little umbilical cord. Placentor Végétal plant placenta is prepared using plant cells and tissue from 2 plants in their first stages of life , used in a fresh and native state.
Legume, a variety of non-genetically modified soybean, very rich in amino acids, peptides (protein precursors) and trace elements. This active ingredient gives Placentor Végétal its high regenerative power . This plant is a crop product.
Juices from beech buds, highly rich in peptides, mineral salts and soluble sugars.
This active ingredient releases the potential of the regenerative effect of Glycina Hispida and ensures long-lasting moisturization thanks to its mineral salts, which fix the free water in the epidermis.

Actions of plant placenta
Biochemical research has compared the composition of plant placenta to that of human placenta, showing that they have a bio-analogous composition. It has notably been observed that they are similar in terms of their amino acid content and distribution.

The following table gives a few of the most important amino acids, expressed in residue per thousand.

Plant Tissue

Human Placenta

Proline - hydroxyproline couple +
aspartic acid



Diamine acids



Sulphur amino acids

> 10


Leucine/isoleucine couple



*Glycina Hispida

These amino acids and peptides act as veritable bio-stimulines with total respect for the skin's natural process of evolution. Cells are then stimulated in a perfectly natural way. We should notably stress the high content in the plant tissue of proline/hydroxyproline, an essential amino acid couple that plays a major role in the process of synthesizing collagen .

These amino acids are associated with peptides, trace elements, nitrogen and phosphorous compounds and other components involved in cell metabolism. The result is that plant placenta provides cell regeneration results that are even better than those of human placenta.

Studies have notably been carried out in the dermatology department of Croix Rousse Hospital in Lyon , showing clear improvement for dry and flaky skin (due to illness or aging). Moreover, in vivo tests have proven that there is an optimum tolerance to plant placenta. Lastly, it has been proven that plant placenta gives excellent results on the scalp, stimulating the hair follicles.

70% increase in oxygen consumption
It has been demonstrated that the components in plant placenta, notably the peptides and trace elements, are involved in the basic activity of living cells. Cell life consumes oxygen. It has been proven that, in the presence of plant placenta, the cell is stimulated, is more active and consumes more oxygen.

40% increase in protein synthesis
Oxygen consumption is a real sign of an active life.
In reality, cells use oxygen to synthesize more protein, which is indispensable to the many functions and structures of the skin.

Results of plant placenta
deep skin regeneration
attenuation of wrinkles and lines, scars, and stretch marks that already exist
prevention of the appearance of blemishes such as wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, etc.
long-lasting moisturization

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