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Our Philosophy

Laboratoire Sicobel
, plant at the heart of cosmetics

Active ingredients sought in the heart of the plant kingdom, the performances of a dermocosmetic laboratory and increasingly innovative beauty care that respects your skin, this is the essence of our brands.

Bringing together the benefits of nature and our wealth of experience, our cosmetic care products are designed under pharmaceutical control to ensure optimal efficacy and tolerance for all types of skin, even the most delicate. Then add constant research for unctuous, light or smooth textures, subtly scented to provide a veritable moment of wellbeing and relaxation when applied. We listen to you, seeking out the different needs of each type of skin, beauty habits, fashions and lifestyles to design products that are easy to use, with new beauty gestures.

All products from the Laboratoire Sicobel dermocosmetic laboratory are based on natural plant extracts, rigorously controlled and selected for their purity, their richness in active ingredients and their efficacy. Every formulation is studied to optimize the beneficial properties of each plant extract, to regenerate, moisturize and beautify your skin, so as to visibly improve its appearance.

Increasingly natural cosmetics
The cosmetic care products in the BcomBIO range have 95% to 99% of their active principles with natural origins and thus meet the Ecological Cosmetics specifications.

This new certification allows the concerned cosmetic brands to use the "Cosmebio" label on their packaging and will thus avoid the abusive use of the term "natural" on beauty products.

Laboratoire Sicobel, as a co-founder, is at the origin of this new charter that is European in scope. For example, our laboratory replaces synthetic oily-phase elements with components of plant origin (glycerin extracted from the castor oil plant, palm oil or apricot stone oil).

Further information on organic products

 Further information on organic products

Placentor Végétal
All of the research undertaken for the formulation of organic products benefit our Placentor Végétal range of products, which is thus also becoming increasingly natural. Moreover, we have developed a new, highly innovative preservation complex which, thanks to the use of cinnamon extract (cinnamic acid) enables us to reduce the quantity of chemical preservatives by half in some of our formulas.

Products not tested on animals

Our laboratory never performs tests on animals.

Our products are tested on cell cultures then on men and women volunteers.

Further information  :

Respect for the environment
We are committed to sorting waste, limiting emissions and using biodegradable materials. Participant in the Eco-emballages program , we have chosen not to
use cases for the BcomBIO product line so as to reduce waste.

Transparency for the consumer

We do our best to translate the composition of our products into French and English to ensure transparency and clarity .

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