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Created in 1959
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Laboratoire Sicobel - More natural cosmetics and innovative care
Created in 1959


A new line of cosmetics
certified as being organic or ecological: BcomBIO
Since November 2003, Laboratoire Sicobel has had an ECOCERT license (n°177973T) enabling it to manufacture products that are certified as being Ecological (ECO) or Organic (BIO). Laboratoire Sicobel is a pioneer in this field, launching its BcomBIO cosmetic line in 2003, with essential care products, all certified organic or ecological.

Increasingly innovative formulas for the Placentor Végétal range of products
In 1996, the Laboratoire Sicobel dermocosmetic laboratory was bought by Doctor Fouchère , a pharmacist from Lyon , whose goal was to give the brand a new dynamic by developing innovative products with the most natural formulations possible. Today, the Laboratoire Sicobel dermocosmetic laboratory offers care products that are rich in active plant ingredients, rigorously selected for their efficacy for the face, body and hair.

The extraordinary regenerating power of Plant Placenta
A passionate botanist, Doctor B. Guillot demonstrated the exceptional regenerating and moisturizing qualities of a natural substance found under the pistil of flowers where it nourishes fruit as they are being formed: plant placenta. In 1991, this work gave birth to the first plant placenta cream, emblematic of the Placentor Végétal range of products.

The start of Laboratoire Sicobel and the birth of the first Placentor Cream
Laboratoire Sicobel was founded in Lyon in 1959, thanks to Doctor B. Guillot , a pharmacist who had developed a cream based on human placenta (recognized and used for its strong powers of skin regeneration and repair in hospitals): Placentor Regenerating Moisturizing Cream.

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