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Placentor Végétal

Designed and developed by a team of pharmacists with a passion for botany, the Placentor Végétal brand has double-digit growth every year. What is the secret behind this brand which grows by word-of-mouth, by whispers, by hearty recommendations, expanding beyond our borders?

Plant Placenta : obtained from glycina hispida and beech bud juices, it is recognized for its exceptional regenerating and moisturizing qualities. With optimum tolerance, even for the most sensitive skins, it provides immediate results for the improvement and health of skin.

Add to this extracts of Golden Camomile ( Chrysanthellum Indicum , an exclusive Laboratoire Sicobel patent) which, depending on the concentrations used, has anti-radical, drainage, anti-redness and anti-inflammatory properties.

The Laboratoire Sicobel dermocosmetic laboratory has thus created a complete range of products for facecare, bodycare and haircare, meeting the different needs of all types of skin. Their formulations are constantly being optimized to take advantage of the laboratory's latest discoveries and innovations, but also to adjust textures and scents to each cosmetic function. Placentor Végétal, a range of more than 30 products that are very effective, very safe and very mild.

B com bio
Finally, a line of cosmetic products that is certified organic or ecological. Some essential care products , created with the greatest respect for organic and ecological rules, to make your skin more beautiful and to provide it with the natural elements it needs. Face, hair, body, nothing has been left out for your pleasure. B com bio cares for your skin naturally, respecting the environment and animals.

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Elina Stick 3A
A cosmetic innovation and a magical care product with Biocrystal for visibly fuller lips. Clinically developed under dermatological control.

A full range of natural essential oils diffused using the Japanese incense principle for your wellbeing. Orange-lavender for a good night's sleep, ylang-ylang for vitality, geranium-lemon for evacuating stress and fatigue , etc. discover this aromatherapy line and its benefits today.

Ultim.e Epil
A brand distributed exclusively by the Sicobel dermocosmetic laboratory. Two post-depilation care products, reducing hair density, a revolution: 87% of women see results with the 2 nd depilation. so why not you? (leg-bikini care and a special facecare product).

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