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Intensive Revitalizing Stretch Mark Cream
Intensive Revitalizing Stretch Mark Cream
200-ml pump bottle
Gencod 3760099700096
ACL Code : 7259327

Double-performance cream (treatment and massage) which effectively prevents and reduces stretch marks.

Use : During major weight gain (pregnancy, puberty or other) or weight loss (after giving birth, diets or other): apply twice a day for 3 months.
Pregnancy: apply the cream morning and night beginning in the first weeks of pregnancy up to 2 months after giving birth using circular massages from bottom to top on the legs, thighs, stomach and breasts.

Results : Stretch marks are reduced, become finer, more regular and thus more aesthetic.Skin becomes supple and elastic again .


Stimulates cell regeneration and recreates an area of living cells along the stretch marks.
Moisturizes the skin.

Plant Placenta

Activates micro-circulation and the penetration of Plant Placenta during massaging.
Does not stain clothes.

Silica oil (dry oil, volatile at body temperature)

Well Being Slimming Concentrate

Well Being Slimming Concentrate
200-ml tube.
Gencod 3760099700317
ACL Code : 7853622

Not preserved with paraben

First at the Palmarès des Cosmétiques 2008*
In the Slimming category
* by Laurence Wittner. Leduc.s’ Editions

A highly concentrated body gel with plant extracts that penetrates deep into the skin and enhances the results of a diet thanks to its triple action formula (eliminates fat, stimulates circulation and firms the skin).

Use : Apply a small quantity of the gel with gentle circular massaging on cellulite-prone areas either twice daily if used in an intensive programme of treatment or once a day as a long-term treatment all year round. Do not use during pregnancy. For greater effectiveness, use the Placentor Végétal Body Exfoliating cream regularly.

Results :

  • Reduces cellulite and gradually reshapes your body.
  • Water retention and congestion in the tissues are reduced.
  • The skin becomes firmer with clearer contours.
  • The skin surface becomes soft and supple.


Stimulates lipolysis (breaks down fat)

Guarana (caffeine)

Prevents cellulite by reducing
the lipogenesis process

Garcinia Cambogia

- Drains (reduces water retention) and reduces congestion in the tissues
- Restructures and firms the skin

Golden Camomile (Sicobel patent)

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