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Anti-Hair Loss Biostimulating Ampoules

Anti-Hair Loss Biostimulating Ampoules
Box of ten 5-ml ampoules.
Gencod 3760099700355
ACL Code : 6442874

Not preserved with paraben

Concentrated aqueous serum with Plant Placenta which revitalizes the scalp and effectively stops hair loss.

Use : Preventive treatment and upkeep: apply one ampoule per day for 5 days, massaging the scalp. Do not rinse. Repeat 3 to 4 weeks later. Curative treatment (heavy hair loss): apply 2 ampoules 5 minutes apart, twice a week for 2 months. Do not rinse. Shock treatment requires 3 to 4 boxes.  

Results :
Hair loss is slowed. The scalp is revitalized and stimulated. Hair is thicker and heavier. Hair finds a new balance, vitality and suppleness .


Prevents and reduces hair loss by stimulating the hair follicle. Improves the general condition of the hair, giving it vitality, shine, suppleness and bounce.

Plant Placenta

Protects and repairs keratin, an essential hair component. Reactivates hair growth by strengthening micro-circulation in the scalp.

"Golden Camomile"*
* Chrysanthellum Indicum: exclusive Sicobel patent

Extra Volume Treatment Shampoo
Extra Volume Treatment Shampoo
200-ml bottle
Gencod 3760099700379
ACL Code : 6549017

Volume-enhancing and regulating shampoo which fortifies all types of hair. Formula tested in hospitals.

Use : Use as often as needed, in 2 successive applications.

Results : The scalp is soothed and free of dandruff, impurities and excess sebum. Hair is healthy, thicker, shiny, supple and easy to style. Hair regains balance and vitality.


- Improves the general condition of hair, making it shiny, supple and bouncy.

- Revitalizes the scalp and stimulates the hair root.

- Regulates seborrhea and eliminates itching and dandruff.

Plant Placenta

- Gives volume to hair.

- Easy to style.

Texturing agent

- Mildly eliminates impurities.

Mild washing base



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